About us

Umetrics develops software for design of experiments and multivariate data analysis, for the individual user as well as for on-line continuous and batch processes. We provide training at more than 25 locations worldwide and on-site consulting services. We are committed to supporting our clients in their mission to take control over their data flow, by conveying our advanced expertise in multivariate technology.


A world where advanced data analytics create value from data, enabling better decision making and process excellence.

Umetrics adds value to your business by bringing out the valuable information from your data.

The strengths that distinguish Umetrics in the market are:

  •     State-of-the-art and user-friendly software that is a result of the close collaboration between advanced research in the field of multivariate methods and the software development
  •     Deep and extensive understanding of industry-specific applications of multivariate technology
  •     Transformation of expert material in statistics and mathematics into application-focused training courses
  •     Broad experience in consulting

The stability of Umetrics founding principles and the flexibility of our services enables us to promote every way of implementation of multivariate technology that our clients require. Our market exists in every sector of industry where there are manufacturing, testing or data analysis activities, but historically the highest number of collaborations has been in the life science, semiconductor and chemical industries.

Umetrics is since April 2017 owned by Sartorius Stedim Biotech AS. The Managing Director is Jakob Mohr Christensen. Umetrics's two offices are located in Sweden and employ just over 50 people.

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