Umetrics Suite of Data Analytics Solutions

World leading user friendly solutions for PAT and QbD
Umetrics is the preferred partner for multivariate technology in QbD and PAT. We offer complete solutions ranging from software and training to implementation and support.

World leading graphically driven software solutions
Umetrics delivers far more than sets of numbers you will need to interpret. Unique visualization of data, extensive wizard functionality and customizable plots maximize usability and versatility.

World leading consulting, support and training services
No matter where you are, Umetrics is always nearby offering support, consulting and training. So you can rest assured that your solution will always be up and running.



For easier DOE and QbD
Why use a complex software that paints a more positive picture than reality? Not when there’s an easier DOE solution that also boosts QbD and Design Space estimation.


Explore, analyze and interpret
Imagine looking into a sea of data and immediately spotting anything that could mean trouble! Or success! SIMCA is the world’s leading visualization software for extracting value from big datasets.


For fast embedded OEM solutions
Want an easy to embed computational engine to extract valuable information from your big data? Or maybe a multivariate toolbox that you can access directly from MATLAB, LabVIEW or Excel? Get empowered with SIMCA-Q.


For ensuring process quality
As a maker of pharmaceutical or biotech products you know how vital it is to ensure product quality. Now there’s an easier way to detect and handle problems during manufacturing that offers immediate ROI.


With over 30 years of experience Umetrics is proud to offer you training in the areas of multivariate data analysis and Design of Experiments.

Using our software, we guide you through the theory and encourage you to use your own data during training. That way, the results you receive reveal what your reality looks like, making the training far more valuable and relevant.

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“What is unique about the Umetrics approach compared to most other software is the treatment of multiple outcomes simultaneously along with the design factors.”

Paul N Sheldon

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. 

Steve Jobs

We have utilised Umetrics’ software products and services ever since Professor Svante Wold started the company in the late 1980s.

Staffan Folestad, AstraZeneca

Upcoming Courses

Course Start date Location Language
Design of Experiments, 2 days 2018-09-11 Malmö, Sweden English
Design of Experiments , 2 days 2018-09-18 Bohemia, NY, USA English
Multivariate Data Analysis, 2 days 2018-09-18 Malmö, Sweden English
Design of Experiments, 2 days 2018-09-25 Amsterdam, Netherlands English
Multivariate Data Analysis, 2 days 2018-10-16 Bohemia, NY, USA English

Umetrics SIMCA-4000 is certified by the OPC foundation.

Umetrics' SBOL received Pharmaceutical Manufacturing's innovation award 2012.

Academy Team
The Academy Team supply training courses in design of experiments and multivariate data analysis.