Bruker file format (Q432)

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SIMCA-P+ 11.5
SIMCA-P 11.5

The Bruker text file format has been removed in SIMCA-P 11. A plug-in allowing import of binary Bruker files created by OPUS can be downloaded here.

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To install Bruker File Import.dll do as follows: Start SIMCA-P, in View / General Options / More Options, you will find the path of the default plugin directory. This directory can be changed, as needed. Add Bruker File Import.dll in the plugin directory and re-start SIMCA-P. Please note that the linked .dll supports OPUS spectral files up to version 5.5, however not 3D data. The latest version of the plug-in has version number NOTE: Import of binary Bruker files is included in SIMCA-P+ 12.

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Date modified: Oct 07, 2013
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